About a year an a half ago, shortly after my last blog (Between late May 2010 & June 2010) someone gained access to my accounts and pretended to be me!  Had I’d known sooner that yahoo had a contact number I would have been able to retain all my accounts etc asap. But by the time I found out it was way to late so I had to retrieve my accounts back the way the asshole(s) got it. Which to be honest I’m not even mad about cause I LEARNED A LOT!! A lot of good and bad things that I’ll never forget and will be able to always put to use whether it be on YOU or anyone else. The only thing that annoyed me was the pretending to be me part…really? Like my True Subs wouldn’t know? Lol. But to the Mistresses/Goddesses that were emailed & IM’d from my account(s) smh my apologies for all the nonsense and drama. And to the legit Subs that wanted to serve me…maybe one day you’ll get to really serve me but back then that WASN’T ME! So whatever conversations you had with the person(s) under my old SN erase it all from your mind…none of it was ever me. Anyhow I have a new Screen Name so I no longer use EmpressMorena or anything attached to it(when I‘m bored I may check stuff but that’s about it). I’m also NOT seeking new Subs, the ones that serve me now have been doing an awesome job at keeping me happy…but if one ever slips up I’ll let you all know.

To the asshole(s) who took over my accounts: Thank you! Yea it took me a while to get them back but guess what I GOT MY ACCOUNTS BACK SO PLAY TIME IS OVER AND YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR SKILLS CAUSE YOUR NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK YOU AREoh and I’m pretty damn sure I got a good ideal of who you (guys) are…I’m ready for round two and this time I got a plan for you. 🙂

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